SARASWATI is the Goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science.
The name Saraswati came from "saras" (meaning "flow") and "wati" (meaning "she who has ..."), i.e. "she who has flow" or can mean sara meaning "essence" and swa meaning "self". So, Saraswati is symbol of knowledge; its flow (or growth) is like a river and knowledge is supremely alluring, like a beautiful woman.
Our Saraswati fragrance is an intensely attractive and harmonious blend of Indian Jasmine Sambac, Tunesian Neroli, and aged Patchouli oil. It can be worn for any occasion and evolves on your skin through out the day. It is a sultry, floral and classic scent.

Have you been anxious or lacking confidence because of insecurities or pregnancy?  Women of all ages have moments of insecurity with performance or physical appearance.  Pregnant women are often insecure due to the drastic physical and emotional changes that they experience  throughout the pregnancy. Aromatherapists use jasmine to treat anxiety, create optimism, and build confidence.  However, it is also used to balance hormones and soothe pain associated with pregnancy.

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Saraswati Soy Candle
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    Our Saraswati Soy Candle has a really special, earthy floral, romantic aroma. It comes in a washable, reusable glass with a lid and gift box. With notes of Jasmine, Neroli and Vintage Patchouli. This candle is hand-poured in downtown New York City, with soy wax and a 100% cotton wick. Approximate burn time of 80 hours. Ingredients: Soy, Fragrance, Essential Oils, Cotton Wick 10 oz Made in USA The Soy Wax: Made in the USA with domestically grown soybean crops. 100% vegetable, made with Pure...

    SAMPLE - Saraswati Saraswati,Fragrance,Natural,Perfume,Jasmine,Neroli,Patchouli
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      1.5 ml Sample Vial

      Saraswati Fragrance Saraswati,Fragrance,Natural,Perfume,Jasmine,Neroli,Patchouli
      Price: $32.00
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        A blend of Jasmine, Neroli and Patchouli mixed with jojoba oil, fractioned coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. Contains no alcohol or water. The compact 1/3 oz. bottle with roll-on applicator makes it easy to take anywhere.

        Saraswati Yoga Mat Wash
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          Scented Organic Yoga Mat Wash with Neem Oil. Saraswati is a Jasmine and Neroli based scent. INGREDIENTS: Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, organic aloe vera, organic rosemary extract, organic neem oil, organic essential oils, fragrance. Free of artificial preservatives, colors, alcohol and detergents. Safe and Nontoxic. Biodegradable. Vegan. Not tested on animals. Hand made. 4 fl. oz. ...

          Saraswati Glycerin Soap Bar Athena,Soap,Natural,organic,glycerin,bar,lemongrass
          Price: $12.00
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            A lovely smelling, natural and gentle, every day soap. Non-greasy, and doesn't leave a soapy sticky residue feeling. Long lasting, and can be used on any skin type. Leaves your skin smooth, soft, and super clean! Our Saraswati fragrance has notes of Jasmine, Neroli and Patchouli. A complex, earthy, feminine scent. Approximately 8 oz.

            Saraswati Lotion Saraswati,Lotion,Moisturizer,Fragrance,Natural,Perfume
            Price: $20.00
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              A lovely Hand and Body Lotion, with a Jasmine and floral Neroli scent from our Goddess Saraswati Oil. Paraben and Sulfate- Free. Moisturizing and fresh. The isoflavones (Genistein and Daidzein), saponins and the natural Vitamin E in soy, primarily genistein and disdzein, have been well researched by scientists for their antioxidants and phytoestrogenic properties.